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Welcome to My name is Jon Schultz. I am not a scientist or medical professional, however I've been learning about pandemics for about 15 years and think I can perhaps share some information you will find of value. What I hope to do is to make you aware of what I consider to be valuable info which you might not otherwise find. There is no shortage of reporting on the coronavirus pandemic right now but I think some important things are not being widely discussed.

So I will skip the basics which you are seeing and hearing at many other websites and get right to the things which I think many of them are missing. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I may not be able to update the site with the latest information in a timely manner, however there is still, in my opinion, valuable links and information below. And, due to financial considerations, I have put this domain up for sale so if or when the domain sells everything here will be moved to If you would like to suggest any improvements write

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The most important thing I think everyone should be aware of is the *possibility* that cautious supplementation with BHT, an inexpensive compound, may not be dangerous for most people - if you do not foolishly take too much - and *may* help you to avoid getting seriously ill if you have been or will be infected with Covid-19. We need to have doctors and other health experts review the available data and comment on this important issue as soon as possible. This may be the only widely available substance which can substantially help reduce illness and save lives now. See the BHT section below.

I also think hospitals need to be aware of the possibility that intravenous vitamin C may be very helpful for people with Covid-19. This is being researched in China right now, as per the Life Extension Covid-19 protocol linked to below. The BHT Book, also linked to below, suggests liposomal vitamin C as an alternative if intravenous vitamin C isn't available.

Hyperbaric Therapy may also help:

Hyperbaric Application to COVID-19 Pulmonary Infection

News Links:

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Dr. Henry Niman

I've been following the online writings and recordings of virologist Henry Niman, Ph.D. - whose website is - for many years, and much of what I believe I understand is due to his teachings. Dr. Niman has been on the front lines of reporting on emerging infectious diseases since at least 2003, when he worked on the SARS outbreak. He has made many people aware of the possibility, or perhaps inevitability, of a serious worldwide pandemic. He specializes in analyzing the genetic sequences of viruses to see how they are evolving and whether they are becoming more transmissible and pathogenic. Although I don't necessarily agree with his politics, I consider Dr. Niman to be a great man who has devoted countless hours to disseminating information on the dangers of novel pathogens, without any compensation I'm aware of.

Dr. Niman started writing and talking about the coronavirus in December or early January. Unfortunately he's been very correct in his predictions regarding the situation to date. He's been giving one-hour interviews to Jeff Rense of on most weeknights since early January and his interviews are posted online the next day. The latest interviews from this past week are at:  (Friday)  (Thursday)

The interviews can be heard live most weekday nights at 8:00 pm Pacific Time at:

I personally do not trust many things at - and have not researched and evaluated the products which are advertised there (I did look at the "Carbon 60" website and would not spend my money on the product) - but I do think Mr. Rense is to be highly commended for his long association with and presentation of Dr. Niman, as well as for some excellent contributions he sometimes makes during the interviews (however the continual "Trump bashing" is, in my opinion, not helpful).

Some important points which Dr. Niman has been making, as best I understand him, are:

1)  This is an evolving, mutating virus which is branching out into different strains or lineages. Some strains of a virus can be more transmissible and/or deadly than others. It appears the strain which is affecting Italy right now - and which has been exported all over the world over the last month or so - may be a deadlier one than the one which originally appeared in China. Different strains can be co-cirulating in the same area at the same time and some people can be simultaneously infected by more than one strain, which in turn will result in more possibilities of recombination mutation.

2)  Past pandemics have occurred in waves, with particular areas being hit hard for several weeks or months at a time, with the situation then subsiding for several weeks or months until a subsequent wave hits, which can be a more or less severe wave than the previous one. So Dr. Niman is concerned that this virus may wane in the Northern Hemisphere over the summer months and then "return with a vengence" in the fall and winter, somewhat mutated and more deadly. Something like that happened in 1918.

3)  How sick a person gets when they are infected depends on a number of factors, primary among which are the strength of their immune system and the quantity of virus they absorb. The more sick a person with the virus is, the higher a quantity of virus they will shed. So as more people in a particular area get infected the greater the chances are that people will be infected from more than one source and/or be infected by someone who is shedding a lot of virus. So the situation in a geographical area can be like a pot of water on a stove which slowly gets hot and starts to produce bubbles, then eventually goes into a full boil if social distancing efforts are not made or made quickly enough.

4)  When a person gets infected with the virus, the virus will begin replicating in their system. If they have only absorbed a small quantity of virus and their immune system is strong then their system will produce enough antibodies to quickly stop the replication and person will either be asymptomatic or only get mildly ill for a short time. Those antibodies will remain in their system for some time but may not protect them from subsequent reinfection either because they only absorbed a small quanity of virus and not many antibodies were required to stop the infection and/or because they are subsequently infected with a somewhat mutated version of the virus, which the antibodies they produced are not effective against. Dr. Niman is also pointing out that with some viral diseases antibodies produced may in fact make it easier for a somewhat mutated version of the virus to infect cells. He said in the March 10th interview that this happened in the Philippines with Dengue Fever.

5)  This virus is more deadly than SARS and people who have been saying it has a lower "case fatality rate" are mistaken, because the SARS CFR of about 10%, which is always quoted, is only of people who developed severe (like the "S" in SARS which means "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome") atypical pneumonia; it does not include people who were infected with the virus but did not progress to serious illness (I can't find any data as to how many people that was). To date more than 10% of people who have developed severe atypical pneumonia from Covid-19 have died, so Covid-19 is more deadly than SARS. According to Dr. Niman this virus has a "polybasic cleavage site" (which is also in "highly pathogenic" avian influenza viruses) which SARS did not have, which enables Covid-19 to attack not only the lungs but different tissues and organ systems in the body (see also this article, although the author seems to be implying the virus may be the result of human bioengineering, which is a theory Dr. Niman says is unsupported by any credible data). This may explain the reported instances of sudden death in China (as well as worldwide in 1918), which may be from the virus attacking the heart.

At times Dr. Niman talks about Covid-19 in virological terms, the validity of which is difficult for most of us to judge, but I find his virological observations definitely worth listening to, especially for the conclusions he arrives at as a result of his analysis.

So while you should of course not only listen to one person to help you understand this situation, I recommend that you follow Dr. Niman to hear what he is saying. What we need, of course, is more public discussion between various experts who, unfortunately, disagree on various important matters. Unfortunately politics, of different kinds - people wanting to raise their status by criticizing others, or to protect their status by refusing to admit they have been in error - is a serious impediment, in my opinion, to our being able to deal with this situation as effectively as possible. I think we need to demand from our leaders complete honesty about what is happening, plus a willingness to respond to important questions - and request the same from the media and the experts they present.

Life Extension

On the health and medical front, a leading organization, in my opinion, is Life Extension - They have been on the "cutting edge" of health and neutriceutical innovation for about 40 years. They used to be a nonprofit organization but I believe they lost their nonprofit status due to their selling of supplements (however, if I'm not mistaken, they apportion some of the proceeds from those sales to fund research in the field of health of longevity). I believe at one time they were raided by the FDA for recommending that certain people supplement with Coenzyme Q10, while now almost all doctors agree that COQ10 is a very valuable health-promoting compound. Life Extension has numerous doctors on their Board of Advisors and their website contains a great reference page of protocols for many illnesses - http://LifeExtension/protocols. They now have a protocol for Covid-19, which they are updating as new information becomes available. I personally think it understates the dangers somewhat but I could be wrong and it otherwise contains very valuable information. It is at:

I would also like to see their protocol address these issues:

1)  Whether Covid-19 has been causing a "cytokine storm" in many people, as several sources have said it has. A cytokine storm is a condition brought about by certain pathogens in which a person's immune system overreacts to the threat and they get sicker, and oftentimes die, from the overreaction. It has been reported that many of the people who died in the 1918 flu pandemic died due a cytokine storm. Life Extension has a product they call "Cytokine Suppress" which is meant to avert such an overreaction, but it isn't mentioned in their protocol (although the protocol does mention EGCG, which is one of the product's two components).

2)  Whether Covid-19 has been resulting in secondary bacterial infections of the lungs, in addition to the lung damage caused by the virus as, again, several sources have said it has. And it has been reported as well that many of the people who died in the 1918 pandemic died as a result of such secondary bacterial infections, which various anti-pneumonia vaccines, such as the Pneumovax 23 vaccine, are designed to protect against. We need to know if an anti-pneumonia vaccine is advisable at this time and, if so, which vaccine(s) for which group(s) of people. Government health agencies, of course, should be providing guidance on this as well but I have not heard a word said to date.

3)  BHT


Considering the fact that we are being told there will be no vaccine available for quite some time, nor an effective antiviral, perhaps the most important thing which needs to be determined right now is whether the common and relatively inexpensive preservative compount BHT may be an effective antiviral for both prophylactic use, to guard against infection, and for treatment should infection and illness occur. I have used BHT at different times for about 10 years and am taking BHT right now (in addition to other supplements) as a preventive measure (I live in southwest Washington state, about 30 miles north of Portland). I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, of course, but I think under the circumstances everyone should be aware of BHT and allowed to make their own choice as to whether they wish to obtain and experiment with it.

The best reference for BHT, perhaps, is The BHT Book by Steven Wm. Fowkes, who has been kind enough to make it available online. Here is the 2020 Updated Version:

There are other references to the use of BHT as an antiviral and antiaging compound on the Internet. A few are:

There are different companies selling BHT on Amazon and at other websites. I believe that in the U.S. and perhaps other countries as well BHT cannot be legally sold as a supplement but only as a preservative. Please do not buy and take BHT unless you have thoroughly reviewed the information at the links above, at the very least, and understand the potential side-effects of using BHT as a supplement, in addition to the possible benefits.


The question of masks is a difficult one. One problem with masks is that they may give the wearer a false sense of security. Surgical masks will not stop you from getting infected, although they may possibly lower the viral load you get infected with by filtering out some relatively large droplets which contain viral particles. If the virus is not only carried in droplets but is aerosolized, however, as some are saying is the case, then note the size of the virus is smaller than N95 and I think even N100 respirators will filter out - plus the masks would have to have a perfect seal, plus you would also need goggles as you can be infected through your eyes, plus you would need to be extremely careful handing the mask when you take it off and it would need to be disinfected before you could use it again. Nevertheless, a mask of any kind may lower the quantity of virus you absorb and be helpful in that way. In China they are very much credited with helping to slow down the epidemic and are not only recommended but required in certain situations. Unfortunately the U.S. CDC is downplaying their value as there is a huge shortgage of masks and other personal protective equiment for health care workers - some of whom will die as a result - and the government does not want to be blamed for the inexcusable unpreparedness, in my opinion, as many scientists have been warning about this situation for many years.

In any event the best help masks can provide may be for them to be worn by infected people, to lessen the amount of - and distance traveled by - the virus they are shedding. Whether or not you can get a surgical mask or respirator the best way to avoid infection is probably just to stay home as much as possible, to keep as much distance as you can from other people when you have to go out, and to use hand sanitizer frequently and especially not touch your face with your hands when you are out unless you have just used sanitizer. It is very important in this situation that we unlearn the habit we have of touching our face frequently, without even noticing we are doing it. This should be made very clear to your children if you allow them to go to school. That is another benefit which masks provide - and possibly their primary one - preventing touching near the mouth and nose.

In addition, products bought at the store or ordered by mail should be wiped with an alcohol or other disinfectant cloth before being stored in your residence, then disinfect your hands before touching anything else (although there are conflicting reports at this time as to how much disinfecting is required to eliminate the virus on surfaces; clarity is urgently needed on this issue). Also wipe door handles and other things you touch after going out. The virus can live on surfaces for one or two weeks, according to some reports.

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Here's a documentary on the 1918 flu pandemic:

The following 2005 documentary shows what could happen in a "worst case scenario" avian flu pandemic. It could equally apply to what the current coronavirus pandemic could possibly become. It includes interviews with some of the best experts, including Dr. Michael Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP).

I want to thank all the people and organizations linked to above for their wonderful contributions to humanity. Note that I am not affiliated with any of them nor with any advertising appearing on any websites linked to above.

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